Offshore Equipment

broehl_offshore_08BRÖHL specializes in meeting the heavy duty demands of the offshore industry.
Their product line consists of technically matured solutions for:

  • Jack Up Rigs
  • Semi Submersible Drilling Units
  • Semi Submersible Accommodations Units
  • Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSO)
  • Anchor Handling Towing Vessels (AHTV)
  • Special Barges
  • Crane Ships
  • Tugs

Typical products delivered to the offshore industry are:


BRÖHL winches are designed to withstand the chain or cable breaking strength (MBL) and are matched up with the drive that is best suited for the particular application:

  • AC/VFD
  • DC/VCR
  • High Pressure Hydraulic

The product spectrum comprises of, but is not limited to:

  • Rope Mooring Winches
  • Chain Mooring Winches
  • Traction Winches
  • Storage Winches
  • Towing Winches
  • A&R Winches
  • Stinger Winches
  • Luffing and Hoisting Winches


BRÖHL´s rope and chain fairleaders are maintenance free, compact steel welded constructions, designed like the winches with a high safety factor with respect to the chain or cable strength.

Chain Jacks

Both horizontal and vertical mountings are possible with the BRÖHL push design concept. This uses two main hydraulic cylinders fitted into a compact frame as a drive for a mechanically guided traveling block. All systems are equipped with both static and dynamic load monitoring systems and a chain length measuring system that is independent of the main piston’s stroke.

Pipe Laying Davits

BRÖHL´s offers state of the art winch-davit systems mounted to a common frame with an optional swiveling head and load and rope length instrumentation. The davits can either be used as an individual unit or in conjunction with the others allowing for a controlled lifting of the pipe with regards to the pipe’s critical bending radius.